A Senior UX/UI Designer with over 18 years experience in leading User Experience, Creative Design and Design Operations Delivery practices for FTSE 100 organisations across Pharmaceutical and Oil & Gas industries.

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DOOH.com User Experience Design and Information Architecture for a Cloud Based CMS Out of Home Digital Campaign builder tool.

Entered the company with a conceptual design and a developer unable to quote for the work. 5 week assignment. Process taken as follows:

  1. Educated myself on the existing platform and operational processes, existing user feedback, the key audiences and the industry in general.
  2. Interviewed and had whoiteboard sessions with multiple people including the CEO, Operational Lead, PM's, Campaign Producers, Developers and Designers.
  3. Mapped key features and requirements into a set of 130 user stories. Identified a further 150.
  4. Built personas, understood outcomes and designed key user journeys for those audiences.
  5. Built an iterative set of interactive wireframes for Producers and Administrators in Axure RP, which covered complex interaction based of conversations with the developer on the chosen UI framework and back end code.
  6. Set of MoSCoW and planning recommendations for a 4 Phase project release of UX and new functionality.

Zentility Energy (US) user personas, user journeys and information architecture.

Identify key user personas and map those journeys against a sitemap for the new website based on key stakeholder interviews and workshops.

AstraZeneca HCP Engagement Portal (China) information architecture and wireframes.

Build information architecture mapping and a key page wireframe set based on HCP user research conducted in Shanghai with Doctors and internal marketing teams.

View visual design creatives listed in below in the VISUAL DESIGN section

Chancelight Alternative Education (US) user personas, user journey and strategy.

Devise a user experience and technology strategy for Chancelight to counter absenteeism at their charter schools. Interviewed CIO of Chancelight, as well as administrators in the schools to understand the issue at hand and presented a strategy deck to the CIO on the technology play.

AstraZeneca Medical Portal (Europe) information architecture and wireframes.

Built information architecture mapping and a key page wireframe set based on research on key compliance scenarios affecting each country in Europe and the end user experience to allow them to search Medical Information.

AstraZeneca Clinical Trial retention strategy.

Worked alongside Medical Leads to determine a technical and UX strategy to counter the decline in patient numbers on a $300m clinical trial. Created and presented to support "TrOpiCa", a retention strategy counter I devised to help reduce costs of trials, scale technology and improve retention on trials.

Interviewed industry experts and stakeholders to devise wireframes and journeys tied to the fitness enthusiasts engaging in fitness challenges to inspire and motivate.

View visual design creatives listed in below in the VISUAL DESIGN section

AstraZeneca's Global Internet platform information architecture and wireframes.

Lead workshops with key stakeholders and interviewed local market leaders to devise an information mapping and wireframes on key requirements and journeys.

AstraZeneca Supply Chain Team (UK) process mapping, research, information architecture and full wireframe set.

Interviews and research on the existing process of UK clinics ordering medicines, detailing how the website facilitates the ordering process through a detailed sitemap and wireframes.

AstraZeneca R&D (Global) Intranet portal information architecture and wireframes.

Lead a workshop and interviewed key internal stakeholders to gather requirements. Built information maps and wireframes against identified key user journeys and KPI's.

AstraZeneca HCP Portal (Belgium) multi-channel marketing campaign wireflows.

Devised wireflows to support the Asthma Day Campaign in Belgium, interviewing key marketing and brand leaders, working alongside the Digital lead and local agencies to build the end to end experience.

AstraZeneca Email Marketing (Global) standards and wireframes.

Lead a presentation to key Global Stakeholders to outline best practice in Email Marketing user experience, based of research and common internal email marketing templates.

VISUAL DESIGN (Demonstrate on request)


Accenture Interactive for AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca IRESSA Global

Visit website www.iressa.com

  • Design presentation
  • Mobile landing
  • Mobile Home 1
  • Mobile Home 2
  • Mobile Home 3
  • Tablet landing
  • Tablet Home 1
  • Tablet Home 2
  • Desktop landing
  • Desktop Home
  • Desktop Interior

AstraZeneca Discover Diabetes

Visit website www.discoverdiabetes.com
4 week design delivery end-to-end

PHASE 1. Workshop / Creatives

  • Mobile Home
  • Mobile Home Menu
  • Mobile Screener Tool
  • Mobile Screener Tool Fail
  • Mobile Study Location
  • Desktop Home 1
  • Desktop Home 2
  • Desktop Screener Tool
  • Desktop Screener Tool Fail

PHASE 2. Workshop / Creatives

  • Mobile Home 1
  • Mobile Home 2
  • Mobile Hub Page template
  • Mobile News
  • Mobile Resources 1
  • Mobile Resources 2
  • Desktop Home 1
  • Desktop Home 2
  • Desktop Hub Page template
  • Desktop News
  • Desktop Resources 1
  • Desktop Resources 2
  • Desktop Resources 3


Personal Network

Zentility Energy

Workshop / Strategy / Interviews / Creatives (Available on request)

  • Campaign page (HubSpot)
  • Energy Dashboard Design
  • Newsletter Design and Development
  • Signup Email Design and Development
  • Strategic Growth document

Reporting Solutions (Social Cause)

Workshop / Strategy / Interviews / Creatives

ChallengeMe Mobile App

Research / Interviews / Creatives

Acando Global Website

Workshop / Interviews / Creatives


Accenture Interactive for AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca China

WebEx Workshop / Interviews / Wireframes / Creatives

  • Mobile Home 1
  • Mobile Home 2
  • Desktop Home 1
  • Desktop Treatment 1
  • Desktop Treatment 2
  • Desktop Products 1
  • Desktop Products 2
  • Desktop Products 3
  • Desktop Education

AstraZeneca Russia

Workshop / Interviews / Creatives

  • Desktop Home 1
  • Desktop Home 2
  • Desktop Home 3
  • Desktop Search
  • Desktop Search 2
  • Desktop Search Query
  • Desktop Products